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Bhutan Travel Service provides exclusive and luxury getaways to the Land of the Thunder Dragon ‘Bhutan’ since 1999. The world watches with envy at the tiny Himalayan nation called Bhutan, for the entire nation is a museum in itself, showcasing most of the wealth that other countries lost in pursuit of development. Through Bhutan Travel Service, tourists from all corners of the world can visit Bhutan to experience a journey of a lifetime. 

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A veteran of the hospitality and tourism business, Bhutan Travel Service was established in 1999, when the Royal Government of Bhutan liberalized the Tourism sector. BTS is happy to be in the 23rd year in operation. We have seen the emergence, growth and proliferation of Bhutan’s tourism industry, including the dramatic leap in the number of tourists visiting Bhutan. This conveys a very simple message – Bhutan’s position as a tourism destination is climbing the rungs and tourism is becoming a competitive venture. However, we have not been affected by this mushrooming of tourist agencies. Instead, the number of visitors availing our services annually has been increasing, including diversity of the countries and cultures that the visitors come from. This conveys another simple message – we are good at what we do, and offer our clients what they ask or need.

We have a range of services/products that you can choose from; scale virgin peaks; traverse through the Himalayas and have a communion with Nature; feast on the beauty of unsoiled Nature; interact with people who live at heights of 5000 meters or more; experience the feeling of seeing and touching some plants and animals that are not seen anywhere on the face of the world; observe Bhutan’s form of Buddhism and its culture showcased through the fascinating Dzongs (Fortresses), Tsechus (religious festivals) and people.

All through your journey, you will be accompanied by guides who have had decades of experience in the industry. You will be travelling in imported luxury cars and buses and your camping sites will resemble hotels. It is because our means and end are excellence blended with professionalism. While we have our packages, based on your interests, we can customize your visit. You could plan for a trek with a cultural trip and vice versa. Your words are final and binding. 

Why Bhutan Travel Service?

From the hundreds of tourism agents that Bhutan has, why should you go for Bhutan Travel Service? This is a question clients ask. It is very pertinent and we have the answers.

We are a company formally registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and also a member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO) and the Guide Association of Bhutan (GAB).

Bhutan Travel Service isn’t a day or a month’s product. In its formation, we have spent substantial time and energy scrolling through tourist reports of Bhutan and filling in the gaps of the sector. For instance, we identified areas where visitors do not get the best services or one that they would want. Accordingly, we have built our expertise and filled the void.

With steadfast and unwavering conviction that we are more than a business entity, an informal emissary of the country, with the responsibility to exhibit Bhutan’s grandeur in its truest form to the world is the spur that pushes us. Thus, there is no compromise on professionalism.

As clients differ in their interests, our company offers packages beginning from a cultural trip to a trek into the undiscovered terrains of the Himalayas. Clients can customize it and weave out a package that they would love to embark on. We are flexible to suit the needs of our clients.

Universality is part and parcel of our norm and so we cater to clients from all parts of the world. As communication is very important for our clients as well as the company, we have experienced guides who have specialized in most languages of the world, such as French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Korean and others. We ensure that our guides are adept with the cultural backgrounds of our clients. We consider this important as it goes a long way in ensuring that our guests have a comfortable stay here.

Furthermore, if you are a scholar pursuing studies in Bhutan for your doctorate or other subjects, we will arrange the right guide for you along with other services required.

We have our own fleet of luxury cars, buses and other vehicles, along with the infrastructure required for all services, such as trekking gears and bikes.

Our social capital has reached a height wherein, we know almost everyone in different parts of the country. This relationship enables us to arrange programs at an instant, for instance, in rural Bhutan. While efficiency is important, economy is also equally significant. Thus, our rates are very competitive.

Your care is our concern. Thus, we have at our disposal emergency services, such as helicopters, which could be used as and when required.

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