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Nuptials in the Happy Kingdom

Marriage is one of the most memorable, sacred and thrilling moments of one’s life. Couples want their marriage dates to be remembered and thus host annual anniversaries.

What about tying the knots in a far flung area, renowned for its mysticism, serenity, tranquility and culture that have stood the test of time? What about marriage in a way, one can see depicted in some movies only; nuptials in the Happiness Kingdom, Bhutan. What about marrying in a 7th century sacred monastery?

This is possible and we have professional experience in this. All the bride and groom need to do is come to Bhutan; we handle the rest, beginning from your wedding dresses to attending guests.
Along with the Bhutanese way, we can sieve in some characteristics of your culture, such as hosting reception.

Entry: Paro, Bhutan
Exit: Paro, Bhutan
Venue for marriage: Venues to be chosen by the bride and groom 

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