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The Rhododendron Experience

Rhododendrons, belonging to the family Ericaceae are flowers known and celebrated all over the world for its beauty and colours. Botanists say that the family appeared about 68 millions years ago. The first evidence of Rhododendrons dates back 50 million years where scientists discovered fossilised leaf imprints of Rhododendrons from Alaska.

Rhododendrons are referred to as the King of Shrubs since they are regarded by many as the best flowering evergreen plants for the temperate landscape.

Bhutan has more than 46 species of the shrub, growing at elevations ranging from 1200 m to 4800m. April to July is the main blooming season for Rhododendrons.

The following itinerary has been prepared for moderate hiking with a maximum elevation of 3720m.

Entry and Exit: Paro, Bhutan

Duration: 10 days

Highlights: Flora, fauna, culture, people

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